SEO Resellers – How to Spot the Best One for Your Agency

Most American digital marketing agencies face a constant tussle when it comes to staffing issues. We work in an industry where creativity is the most important aspect to be able to churn out successful content that gets users’ interest. Most agency CEOs bet their bottom dollar on hiring a think-tank for their marketing houses that is capable of producing top quality content.

Needless to say, hiring such talent is not only backbreaking but also sends the HR budget through the roof at times. If you have been struggling between both these places while trying to keep the agency revenues up, then perhaps it’s time to scan through the new age Indian Internet Marketing agencies that specialize in offering SEO Reseller Programs.

SEO as we knew it is dying a slow death. The new age SEO is all about content. If you operate in this niche, you would be well aware of the latest updates that the industry Big Brother – Google – rolled out recently – Panda & Penguin updates.

From backlinks to likes, this is a new battle which is not won by numbers but instead by content quality. Since Google has got strict about the quality, it has forced most leading marketing CEOs to ensure that they hire SEO experts that are creative as well as understand Google’s likes and dislikes well.

a) What are their BacklinkSommerseo development tactics?

So it’s worth taking a quick Skype call with the next prospective agency & understanding how they build their backlinks. Most agencies do offer SEO Reseller packages & it’s important that you ask as many questions as you can when it comes to their backlink strategies. If you notice any backlink tactics that are considered shady by Google, then it’s extremely important for you to immediately skip to the next provider in line. So if you see tactics like – 1 Article submitted to 50 directories -then you should immediately consider the next Reseller to partner with.

b) How good is their US English writing skills?

Considering Google has made content quality of utmost importance, it’s important that your client marketing activities are done using lingua franca – American English. A provider that understands American culture & slang, is bound to develop content that is not boilerplate & boilerplate is not what Google likes. If your SEO reseller is publishing content that does not capture user’s imagination