Adjustable Lift Beds – Not Only For the Handicapped

Adjustable bed lifts are not only comfortable but provide an important element to the well being of the handicapped.

If a long stay is required, hospital beds can prevent bed sores and nerve pressures that are associated with long bed stays. Specials mattresses that are a combination of a regular mattress and air mattress can provide the ultimate comfort because they inflate and deflate on an automatic cycle that rotates the pressure points from one area to another.

There are three kinds of adjustable lifts; manual, semi electric and fully electric. Manual beds require the help of another person to adjust the bed, semi electric adjustable beds can raise and lower the upper body and lower body with a push of a button and electric beds can be operated by the bedridden person himself with the help of a remote control.

Most health insurance companies recognize the importance of anBeauty Bed Manufacturers adjustable lifts for the overall well being of their patients, and will help pay for the apparatus, if it is recommended by a doctor. Medicare takes care of those expenses as well.

Adjustable lifts can be expensive to purchase, but many companies sell refurbished hospital beds for about half of the price of a new one. If the beds are needed for a short period, such as a recuperating period after surgery, they can be rented. Those expenses are usually paid in full by the insurance companies.

Electro Ease a model #585 bed which they say is the world’s best build electric adjustable bed. Aamcare has a fullsize handicap bed, double adjustable beds and full hospital adjustable beds. American Discount home medical equipment offers Leggett an