3 Must-Have Engineering Online Resources For Students: A Free CAD Library And More

The best engineers use every resource available to them in order to create efficient designs. For the student or recent graduate who is just starting their career, there are plenty of free online resources to help build upon design know-how.

When it comes to resources, computer-aided design resources are invaluable. Having access to a free, online library of CAD drawings is the number one tool for both the student and the professional engineer. Since many of the proposals in industry today have to conform to sustainable design standards, resources for finding local building materials and sustainable design tools are also must haves.

Empowering Design With CAD Drawings

Simply put, CAD is the most powerful tool in any engineer’s toolbox. CAD drawings enable an engineer to produce accurate, detailed schematics in a short time and with just a personal computer. Having access to a free online library of CAD drawings for common industrial products saves even more time with a ready-made database to create drafts and design work.

Best of all, the virtual drafting and modeling environment is ideal for experimentation. Creating virtual objects carries no cost as opposed to prototyping, allowing students to learn and grow without having to consume physical resources. Real-world simulations and process simulations based on CAD drawings are ideal for students to further their education and get into the real world of engineering work. Having a suite of industrial products already specified also saves an enormous amount of time.

By adding in modules and using applications to add functionality, students can run the whole range of their studies through one program suite. Modules can expand capabilities for electrical engineers to include electrical components in order to test out circuitry and optimize systems. Plastic injection molding modules are another simulation module that can assist in material optimization to create performance industrial products and plastic components while reducing material waste

CAD drawings are also essential beyond the design phase. Compute drafting services r numerical control fabrication machines can turn schematics into blueprints ready for batch production. When scaling up to continuous production, computer resources will aid in drafting process flow diagrams and setting machine scheduling.

Green Engineers – Local Building Materials

For students who are just starting their careers, most of the time spent as a professional will be under new green paradigms, requiring proposals to focus on sustainable design in order to win both private and public contracts. Students are in a perfect position to incorporate these new techniques into their education, and might even start with a leg up on their competition.

One of the cornerstones of green engineering is utilizing local materials for buildings and industrial products. Having materials provided locally saves on shipping costs and reduces carbon footprint. This is an important part of many certification programs, such as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.